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Calculate your Spanish pension, sick pay, unemployment and maternity benefits from your Social Security payments

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In which year will you retire?
How long will you have been registered as self-employed and contributed to Social Security by the time you retire?
Soc. Sec. base amount: € 960,60 per month


Retirement pension*Cessation of activity** ?
€607,48 (73.78%)
Per month in 14 payments
Per month in 12 payments
Sick leave for common illness or non-occupational accident***
From day 1 to 3
€0.00 per day
From day 4 to 20
€19,21 per day
From day 21 onward
€24,01 per day
Sick leave due to a work-related accident or illness
From day 1 onward
€24,01 per day
Maternity leave
€960,59 per month
Leave due to risk during lactation
€960,59 per month
  • Results are indicative only. There are deductions and special cases that have not been taken into account.
  • *To calculate your retirement pension, you should not select your current quota but your average quota of the 25 years leading up to your retirement. The calculation assumes that you continue to work until the legal retirement age and do not retire early. Currently (in 2024), the maximum pension is €3175.04.
  • **To calculate the benefit for cessation of activity, your selected quota must reflect the average quota of the 12 months leading up to the cessation. You must have contributed continuously to the Social Security during at least 12 months immediately prior to ceasing your activity. The duration of the benefit is based on how many months you have contributed during the 4 years before ceasing your activity:
    Time you contributed (months)Duration of benefit (months)
    From 12 to 174
    From 18 to 236
    From 24 to 298
    From 30 to 3510
    From 36 to 4212
    From 43 to 4716
    48 and more24
    Also a drop in income by 75% or more counts as a cessation of activity.
  • ***To receive sick pay if you cannot work due to a common illness or non-occupational accident, you must have been registered as a self-employed and paid your quotas for at least 180 days in the 5 years prior. There is no minimum contribution period if you have had a work-related accident or an occupational disease. The maximum duration of this benefit is 12 months, extendable for another 6.
  • ****Depending on your age at the time of delivery, there are different minimum contribution periods to receive the maternity benefit:
    Age of the motherMinimum period you must have contributed
    Younger than 210
    Between 21 and 2690 days in the previous 7 years or 180 days in total
    Over 26180 days in the previous 7 years or 360 days in total
    The maternity benefit is paid for 16 continuous weeks. In case of hospitalization or other complications, this period may be increased. You can also transfer up to 10 of these 16 weeks to the father.